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Sunday, 1 May 2022

Taking a delivery

I took a nice delivery in the post a few morning ago. I also got excited by the mention of a freebie plant too:

I was also pretty chuffed with the size of the Dragon Fruit cutting 🙂

The marimo moss balls were procured to make use of some of the cool whisky bottles we acquired to get me through the covid months a few years back. Luckily, the bottle labels came off cleanly and easily 😀

The bottles cleaned, I 3/4- filled them with cold top and squeezed a marimo into each of them. I quite like the result:

Do Not keep marimos in direct sunlight! 
These were only here for this photo ^

The Dragon Fruit is a real interesting plant and, if I can look after it properly, it will be fascinating watching this plant grow. The section I planted up, ready for it to develop roots, looked stunning in the morning subshine: