Wednesday, 25 May 2022

A Trip To Trago Mills

Mrs MG and my good self took a trip out to Trago Mills, in Merthyr, the other day. The place is mad, in a very good way, and is a bit of an eye-opener when it first bursts upon your senses.

Castle Trego Mill bursting upon my senses

The place is basically a MASSIVE warehouse, housed within a gleaming fairy tale castle facade. The place is so huge, I still haven't navigated the numerous sections of its various goods and wears after two visits to the place. That said, apart from a quick sourjon to the snacks section, both Mrs MG and myself had made this journey for one, and one reason only - Trago Mill's legendary garden centre!

Racing through the front doors, we made a bee-line for the plants, where I was stopped at its entrance to the garden centre by a large cactus stand! What's even more delightful is that they were nearly all at real bargain prices! And within less than a minute of being in the store, I scored the two and only two plants that were to accompany me home that afternoon.

I followed Mrs MG around the rest of the garden centre then as she shopped for more plants. Along the way, I procured myself a few cool plants pots, again at pretty decent prices :)

Trolley full, its time to buy some refreshments

And here they are, two new members of our house plant community:

The plants both settled nicely into our home. Lovely things they are too. Here they are, sandwiching the grandiose Euphorbia cactus :)

On the drive home, Mrs MG said she had heard one of the staff say they were expecting brand new plants the following morning! I already can't wait for my third visit to Trago Mills...