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Friday, 21 January 2022

Crassula ovata (Glastonbury Speaking Tree)

Continuing my current thread of Crassula ovata posts [1][2], today I sorted out another of my favourites from my collection. I grew this particular plant, last seen here, from a single leaf cutting, taken many moon ago, from one of the most impressive Jade plants I have ever seen - the large Crassula ovata growing in the upstairs window of The Speaking Tree, in Glastonbury.

The Glastonbury Tree Jade is a real ancient humdinger of a plant and be glimpsed in the top left of the photo below:

For a  closer image try [here] , from the mystical bookshop's website.

Over the years of growing my Glastonbury Speaking Tree Crassula tree, I have made numerous cuttings, many of which I grew on in the soil around the mother plant. Today, I removed the smaller GSPC plants from the edge of my larger tree (seen here,) and decided to start work on a second series Glastonbury Tree with one particular rooted cutting I took a fancy too:

Glastobury Speaking Trees Jade  Mark II

What I particularly like about this Mark II Speaking Tree Jade is the way the stems grow upright like fresh trees from the original branch cutting. I still have to brush up the old stem branch but I have I hopes of this becoming another of my loved collection plants as the tree develops :)

Facination clump of stems growing up
from an older older branch-cutting made
 a few moons again

I can't wait to see how this particular glass delovelpops :)