Monday, 6 September 2021


There are two cats that keep sneaking into our garden - Tom O'Malley and this one - whom I have named Penelope. 

Mrs Magickal Gardener thinks Penelope is a boy cat, but ho-hum. 

Anyway, the other morning, as I was taking out young Monty, I saw Penelope was there nosing around at the birds in our garden. Usually, I try shoo the cats gently away from the birds, but they are belligerent souls and they always make me to go almost right up to them before the scamper (slowly) away. But this morning she caught sight of Monty in my hands and her little face lit up with interest. 
So, putting Monty on the grass, I sat down at his side and called Penelope over. And she came. And we are now good friends :)