Saturday, 6 March 2021

Window Film

Installed some cool window film to the south-facing porch window, Diffusing the harsh sunlight (hopefully to follow), as well as adding some more privacy to the porch, the film adds an iridescent sheen to the room that I find really charming. Only had enough film to cover one of the windows, but there is more on order...

(Left to right) Porticuria afra variagata, Trichocereus bridessii monsrosa,
Crassula ovata (Shrek's Ears) and Crassula ovata (Glastonbury)

Portulacaria afra with fossil ammonites

Red-tinged iridescent Crassula ovata (Shreik's Ears)

Pixie resting amongst two old Crassula ovatas
(check out the lighting on the main (right) stem

Sunshine came softly through my window today

Sun-dappled Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose