Sorry for the lack if updates recently. Seems I slipped into the black hole for a few weeks. Still,  I can see the daylight now and am heading out of there as fast as I am able...


Snow fell upon the magickal garden today :)

Crassula minor & Crassula ovata "Skinny Fingers"


Elf Chilling on Crassula Stump

This magickal way-marker looks very fitting amongst the branches of my oldest Crassula ovata plant. The little elf in the background is resting atop the stump left when I made a cutting of the plant for my daughter when she left home a couple of years ago.

The plant is of sentimental significance as I grew it from a single leaf cutting taken in 1994 when my daughter was born.

My daughter now looks after the large cutting I took. Here is a photo of it, sat beautifully on her Norwich windowsill:

Drosera madagascariensis Seeds

Sowing some Drosera madagascariensis seeds...

Kalanchoe brachyloba

I grew this Kalanchoe brachyloba from a single leaf cutting taken a few years ago. Looks like its ready to flower :)

Sarracenia Seeds

My Sarracenia seeds arrived this morning. Poured them onto a wet tissue and put into fridge for the next 4 weeks to stratify them before sowing...